BODY BIKE Classic Supreme

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BODY BIKE Design Cover


Black (item no. 99170000)
Pantone: 426C

Light blue (item no. 99170001)
Pantone: 2995C

Orange (item no. 99170002)
Pantone: 021C

Grey (item no. 99170003)
Pantone: 421C

Red (item no. 99170004)
Pantone: 200C

Green (item no. 99170005)
Pantone: 376C 

Yellow (item no. 99170006)
Pantone: 109C 

Petrol (item no. 99170007)
Pantone: 633C

White (item no. 99170008)
Pantone: None 

Purple (item no. 99170010)
Pantone: 254C 

Hot Pink (item no. 99170011)
Pantone: 806C 

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